“…eliminate the time and costs associated with assembling a traditional office or headquarters.”

Coworking spaces and flexible workspaces have made a name for themselves throughout their brief history in the last two decades. Some believe Berlin’s C-base, established in 1995, holds the title of the world’s first coworking space. Others consider Brad Neuberg, who established the San Francisco Coworking Space at Spiral Muse in 2005, to be the founder of the movement. Since, flexible office spaces have taken the corporate world by storm. By 2019 there were an estimated 19,000 coworking spaces operating globally. At Kiln, we’re bringing collaborative workspaces to the Mountain West and West Coast. 

Why have coworking spaces become increasingly popular? The short answer is that they provide benefits to employees at any level in any type of business. 

At the Leadership Level

Cost Efficiency 

On the employer’s side, coworking spaces represent a more flexible corporate real estate strategy. As compared to traditional office spaces, coworking locations come with lower overhead costs and shorter lease commitments.

At Kiln, you also gain access to business-class amenities included in your membership. Amenities vary by location but include in-house cafes, kitchens, gyms, podcast studios, private phone booths, 3-D printers, conference rooms, mountaineering clubs, theatres, and event spaces. 

When companies opt for traditional office spaces, they sign a long-term lease and then bear the additional burden of purchasing internet, furniture, office supplies, and other necessities. In addition, the company’s management team must also set up infrastructure to pay monthly expenses and utilities. At Kiln, it’s all part of the package. 

More Flexibility 

In Covid-19 times, coworking spaces allow for creative scheduling too; some employees might prefer to work from home, others may opt for a hybrid working environment, and several might be ready to jump into collaborative in-person meetings. 

Kiln provides different membership packages for individuals and groups of varying sizes. We’re a collaborative workplace, but that doesn’t mean that your employees can’t have private offices. In fact, about 20% of each of our locations is open layout (collaborative desks and communal areas) and 80% consists of private, leased offices for teams of up to 50 people.

Less Headache

If you’re looking to move in quickly and get to work in an already vibrant and trendy location, coworking spaces are the way to go. Most importantly, you eliminate the time and costs associated with assembling a traditional office or headquarters. 

And the inevitable management headaches? We take care of them for you. 

“One of the most striking advantages of working in a collaborative environment is your increased proximity to others.”

At the Employee Level

More Networking, Collaboration, and Creativity

One of the most striking advantages of working in a collaborative environment is your increased proximity to others. At Kiln, we’ve created a space that’s catered towards the needs of entrepreneurs, startups, and early-stage tech ventures, and remote employees and creatives. Nonetheless, Kiln is home to a much wider range of companies from clothing retailers to freelance graphic designers to law firms. 

Our impetus is to bring together people with diverse backgrounds and common goals. Sometimes, exposure to new industries, people, and workflows will prompt your next big idea or light a fire for your business. 

We’re also home to freelancers, independent contractors, solo founders, and self-employed professionals, who depend on a strong personal network for success. Taking meetings with potential hires, clients, investors, and like-minded people is easiest in a coworking space, too.

Working alone and working for yourself comes with certain benefits, but also has the potential to be lonely and isolating. We suggest immersing yourself in a creative environment with a community feel where you can meet new people every day.

Increased Productivity and No At-Home Distractions

When you step into a coworking space, you snap into your working zone. Coworking spaces like Kiln are open and available to you 24/7, and staffed during normal business hours. 

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to lounge around, get distracted, and face constant interruptions. You might go days (or even weeks!) without feeling productive or in the zone. 

Many solo founders who work from home are eager to expand their business, but struggle to take that first step. Working in open-layout spaces widens your horizons to chance, promotes quick collaboration, and facilitates easy growth. 

Kiln Membership Packages

Our most basic membership is the Club Membership. This is an easy way to set up shop and drop in to work whenever you like. Club members use shared desks and the collaborative open-layout coworking space. 

Kiln’s Resident Membership includes a dedicated, lockable desk where you can set up your basecamp. This option makes the most sense for individuals and small teams who work at Kiln consistently.

If you have a team, you might opt for a Private Office Membership. Private office memberships include an enclosed, lockable private office for 1-20 people. It’s a great option for teams looking to quickly move-in and make Kiln home. 

For larger teams, Kiln offers a Studio Membership. This includes private offices and meeting spaces for teams of 15 to 50. Studios are customizable and branded to create an ideal HQ. 

For more information on memberships, visit here.

During Covid-19, Kiln is also offering flexible partial use memberships.

It’s no surprise that coworking spaces now represent a growing share in total office leasing. Book a tour and snag a spot for your group at Kiln today!