Enterprise Office Solutions

World-Class Office Space for Large Teams.

Your enterprise demands a workspace that aligns seamlessly with your business needs, whether your team works in person, hybrid, or remotely. Kiln provides unparalleled flexibility, customization, convenience, and community that empowers your team to thrive. Enjoy a world class workspace, minimize real estate risk, maximize cost savings, and eliminate administrative hassle.

13 Locations Across the West. 24/7 Access. Exceptional Amenities.

Optimize Your Enterprise Office Space.

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Cost Savings

Companies can save up to 25% on real estate costs compared to traditional office.


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84% of coworkers reported being more motivated when working in a flex environment.

(Emergent Research)

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82% of coworkers stated that coworking has expanded their professional networks.

(Small Business Labs)

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71% of coworkers reported an increase in creativity since joining a coworking space.


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Team Retention

89% of coworkers reported being happier since joining a coworking space.


Memberships for Enterprises.

Basecamp Inquire

The once a week office. A workspace solution designed for remote-first teams who need an elevated environment to gather once or twice a week.

Meetings and Events Inquire

Host a team off-site, meet with a client, or gather with a small group in one of our boutique, handcrafted event and meeting room spaces.

Studio Membership

Private Studios & Offices Inquire

Private and customizable offices for teams of 1 to 100 with options for gathering spaces, meeting rooms, private offices and work areas.

A Space Crafted for Success.

Redefine your office, save on real estate costs, and bring your team back together in a world-class environment.

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Kiln Enterprise Large Offices 1
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Move-In Ready Large Offices

Seamlessly establish your HQ or regional hub. Kiln’s private offices are fully customizable and diverse in size to accommodate teams of 1 to 100. Personalize your space with branding, furniture, tech, and more. Kiln offers move-in ready offices, 365 days a year. Flexible office space can give companies an edge in the search for talent by helping them quickly expand into a submarket with desirable workforce demographics or reduced commute times for existing employees.

Minimize Real Estate Risk. Maximize Cost Savings.

Power your hybrid strategy, enhance employee experience, and save on real estate costs by simplifying your office space. Offer the conveniences of an office at a fraction of the cost. No long term lease or overhead expenses. Traditional leases don’t cater to the flexibility that today’s workforce requires. Enjoy the perks and conveniences of a luxury office at a fraction of the cost. Our all-inclusive solutions prioritize flexibility and minimize risk with no long-term lease agreements and no overhead expenses.  Our frictionless experience allows you to free up administrative time to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Enterprise Minimize Risk 2
Enterprise Minimize Risk 3
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Kiln Enterprise Talent Attraction 2
Kiln Enterprise Talent Attraction 3
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Talent Attraction & Retention

Hire better talent for less. Employees and prospective employees value the environment they work in now more than ever. Whether you are comparing Kiln with home, a founder’s house, a traditional office building or working remotely. The draw and benefits of working from Kiln greatly outweigh other options in the market and greatly impact staff’s quality of life while at work.

Gather Your Team

Kiln provides a vibrant, dynamic environment that boosts employee morale and productivity, making them eager to return to the office for the collaborative and inspiring atmosphere.

Empower, engage and delight teams with inspiring spaces in lifestyle locations complimented by best-in-class amenities, a thriving connected community and a genuine place to call home with a true impact on quality of life and enhanced output.

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Discover More About Kiln

Kiln offers boutique workspaces designed for today’s dynamic professionals and teams, seamlessly blending productivity, lifestyle, and community. Our flexible memberships cater to various needs in handcrafted environments that inspire innovation and collaboration. With unparalleled amenities including professional development, networking, wellness events, after-hour gatherings and more, Kiln is more than a workspace—it’s a rich and thriving community that supports your business’s growth and team’s well-being.

A Curated Community.

From Our Members.

Chase Adams, Head of Sales, Go1 (Kiln Salt Lake City)

Chase Adams

Head of Sales, Go1

“Kiln has been the perfect partner, not only for the flexibility and ability to accommodate our aggressive growth plan – we’ve gone from zero to thirty heads in just three months – but they’ve also matched the quality of our global HQ in Australia from an aesthetic and service standpoint as well as from an ability to really accommodate our employees on a day-to-day basis.”

Rachel Hofstetter, CMO, Hightop

Rachel Hofstetter

CMO, Hightop

“Gathering our team at Kiln has been a perfect experience for what we need at our current stage. Kiln has provided a truly seamless, turn-key solution that has elevated our team’s ability to stay connected and build both community and culture within. Kiln takes care of everything for us, empowering us to stay focused on our objectives and goals. I could not recommend Kiln enough.”

Kilk Membership, From Our Members - Bill Capsalis

Bill Capsalis

Executive Director, Naturally Boulder

“Working at Kiln for the past 18 months has been really great. Our community based non-profit fits perfectly in with the community here and we have enjoyed hosting events and meetings here. Everyone who comes to meet with me really loves the space and the people here. The team at Kiln strives to be professional, thoughtful and helpful everyday!”

Let’s Create a Custom Solution.

Every team and organization has unique needs, that’s why our enterprise solutions are fully customizable. We work with you to create a personalized solution to help supercharge your business.