Our Communities

Community Featured Image — Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT

At the heart of the Mountain West, Kiln Salt Lake City is a boutique workspace community designed to elevate lifestyle and performance.


Community Featured Image — Park City

Park City, UT

Crafted for the outdoor enthusiast, Kiln Park City’s flex-office community facilitates a blend of life on the mountain and in the office.


Community Featured Image — Lehi

Lehi, UT

Situated on Silicon Slopes, Kiln Lehi is a tech-oriented flex-office community in the center of the Wasatch Front.


Provo, UT

Designed and built from the ground up, Kiln Provo’s coworking community merges the strength of nearby University resources with a rich mountaineering lifestyle.


Group of friends hanging out at Kiln Cabin

Sundance, UT

Discover a creative retreat for your team to gather, reconnect, and create in nature.


Community Featured Image — Meridian

Meridian, ID

Acting as Kiln’s largest single location, Kiln Meridian’s flex-office community is a beacon of inspiration designed to gather the brightest minds of the greater Boise area.


Community Featured Image — Carlsbad

Carlsbad, CA

From boutique shopping to Michelin Star dining, Kiln Carlsbad’s flex-office community is embedded in the perfect blend of the work and lifestyle.


Community Featured Image — Leucadia

Leucadia, CA

Nestled between some of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast, Kiln Leucadia’s coworking community embodies the true spirit of Southern California culture.


Community Featured Image — Solana Beach

Solana Beach, CA

Just minutes by foot from Fletcher Cove Beach Park, Kiln Solana Beach’s flex-office community truly embodies the heart and soul of the Pacific.


Portland, OR

Kiln Portland is a community-driven coworking and flex-office space that merges the vibrant pulse of the city with the distinctive feel of the Buckman and Hawthorne neighborhoods.


Community Featured Image — Boulder

Boulder, CO

Located on iconic Pearl Street, Kiln Boulder’s flex-office community strikes the perfect balance between mountain-living and the office.


Littleton, CO (Coming Soon)

Kiln Littleton is a boutique flexible coworking space designed to gather and inspire the brightest minds of the Southern Denver area. Coming early summer 2024.


Gilbert, AZ

Kiln Gilbert is a boutique flexible coworking space designed to gather and inspire the brightest minds of the East Valley. Coming early 2024.