Coworking Space
in Biltmore Area of Phoenix

Kiln Biltmore is a boutique flexible coworking space designed to gather and inspire the brightest minds of the Phoenix area.

Coming fall 2024, Kiln Biltmore offers a flexible coworking space that empowers teams of all sizes, from 1 to 100. Our fully furnished and handcrafted environment features unique gathering spaces, event spaces, fitness room, A/V equipped conference rooms, audio recording studio, refresh rooms, and a dynamic and thriving community supported by a robust calendar of networking and wellness events.

Nestled off of Camelback in the heart of the iconic Biltmore area of Phoenix, discover unprecedented access to dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Kiln Biltmore
1801 E. Camelback Road
Suite 201
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Bespoke Coworking Experiences

Events, Clubs, & Experiences

Kiln Biltmore offers an unprecedented calendar of hand-curated events, clubs, and experiences to empower you to feel and perform at your very best. Step into our plant-filled spaces, take a yoga class at lunch, meet like minded professionals and wrap your day networking at Après Work or Wine Tasting experiences.

Handcrafted Spaces

Handcrafted with thought and purpose, Kiln Biltmore represents the best of our design process, featuring all 23 of our uniquely designed products, from club and resident desks to our theater seating and private office spaces. Whether you’re a team of one or a hundred, there’s a uniquely designed office space to fit your needs.


Equip your team with the competitive-advantage of being embedded within a thriving community of like-minded professionals looking to expand their circle and share their knowledge. Kiln’s extensive calendar of events and experiences offers countless opportunities for networking, professional development, learning, and socializing. This is more than just a coworking space in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix, it’s a deep and connected community of the brightest minds.


Embed your team in a frictionless workplace experience with robust all-inclusive amenities, empowering you to focus on your business while Kiln takes care of the rest. Attend regular networking events to build your circle of influence, and enjoy on-site wellness offerings from yoga to wellness events.

Every day brings something to look forward to, including curated snacks, wine tasting, après work, and happy hour. Experience a seamless transition between home and the office to get everything your team needs in one place.

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How to Book Your Space

If you're looking to join a community of professionals and gain access to functional coworking spaces, or if you need to reserve a meeting space for a one-time event, Kiln can make the process easy. Discover how to book our Biltmore office space for rent below and start growing your business today.

Host a Meeting

Hosting a meeting at Kiln is a seamless process that ensures a productive and comfortable experience for both you and your attendees. With multiple meeting and event spaces available, accommodating up to 150 people depending on the location, we offer flexible options for non-members to rent on a one-time basis. These spaces are equipped with essential amenities such as high-speed internet, whiteboards, and video conferencing capabilities, providing a conducive environment for successful meetings.

Additionally, our catering services allow you to elevate your event by treating guests to refreshments during the gathering. To get started, visit our “Host a Meeting” page to select the most suitable location, choose the type of meeting space required, set the date and time, and specify any additional services like catering or AV equipment. Reach out to us to inquire about pricing and availability and discover the convenience and professionalism of Kiln’s spaces for your upcoming event.

Become a Member

Becoming a Kiln member opens the door to a range of comprehensive membership options that cater to the diverse needs of businesses at every stage. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise team of up to 100, Kiln’s office space for rent in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix provides an ideal setting for both in-office and hybrid work setups. The membership process is straightforward: begin by selecting the Kiln location nearest to you, spanning Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and California. Next, choose from dedicated desks, private offices, or coworking memberships to match your specific requirements. Complete an application with essential contact and business details, along with your desired move-in date, team size, and location preferences.

Once your application is received, the Kiln team will reach out to discuss availability, pricing, and a facility tour, addressing any queries you may have. If you’re confident in your choice, you can proceed to sign a membership agreement, set up payment, and begin enjoying the benefits of being a Kiln member. This streamlined process ensures that you seamlessly integrate into Kiln’s dynamic community and gain access to the workspace solutions that support your business growth.

Workspaces Designed to Elevate Performance

Studio Membership

Studio Inquire

Private office and meeting room space for teams of 15 to 50. Customizable and branded to create an ideal HQ.

Private Membership

Private Inquire

Private office for 1 to 15 people. Enclosed, lockable, and ready for your to team to quickly move-in and call it home.

Resident Membership

Resident $550/mo

A dedicated desk to set up base camp. Perfect for an individual or a growing team. A comfortable and fun way to work.

Club Membership

Club $350/mo

Collaborative and agile shared desk. An easy way to set up shop for a professional who is always on the move.

Biltmore Community FAQ

How is Kiln Biltmore different from other coworking spaces in the area?

Kiln Biltmore distinguishes itself as a premier coworking space within the Biltmore area through a combination of distinctive features and exceptional offerings. We foster a deep and interconnected community of bright minds, promoting networking, knowledge exchange, and social interaction through a carefully crafted environment designed to accommodate teams of varying sizes. This strong community-oriented approach transforms Kiln Biltmore into a thriving ecosystem for collaboration and growth.

Kiln Biltmore has also redefined the coworking experience by curating an unparalleled calendar of events, clubs, and experiences. This calendar goes beyond professional networking and encompasses activities like yoga classes, après work sessions, and wine-tasting experiences. These offerings not only promote well-being but also encourage networking and personal growth. Being located in the Camelback area, Kiln Biltmore also benefits from easy access to dining, shopping, and entertainment options. This proximity to amenities enhances the overall work-life experience for its members.

How much does it cost to rent office space in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix?

The cost of Biltmore coworking space ranges greatly between $25 – $36 per square foot based on office size, amenities, location, and how long you rent. At Kiln, however, we offer membership options in Biltmore for coworking spaces and private offices, so you can rent a workspace customized to fit your budget. We have a wide variety of office space types that can meet the needs of various business sizes and types, and we’re ready to set you up with the amenities and services you need along with it. Get in touch with us today to ask about availability and pricing.

Can you rent private office space at Kiln in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix?

Yes, Kiln Biltmore offers a variety of workspace options, including private offices. These offices provide a dedicated and enclosed space where you can work individually or with your team. Our private offices are specifically designed to accommodate different team sizes, from individuals to larger groups. Kiln Biltmore’s private offices also come with all the amenities you need, including furniture, high-speed internet, access to shared facilities, and the opportunity to be part of Kiln’s vibrant community. If you’re looking for a private office, contact us soon to see our availability.

Can Kiln in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix accommodate enterprise office space needs?

Yes, we can! Kiln Biltmore offers a range of workspace solutions that cater to different team sizes, including larger enterprises. Whether you need private offices for a team, meeting rooms for presentations, or a combination of spaces to accommodate your enterprise’s requirements, Kiln can provide tailored solutions. These spaces come equipped with modern infrastructure, high-speed internet, AV equipment, comfortable furnishings, and access to Kiln’s community and events.

Is parking available at Kiln Biltmore for members and visitors?

Yes! You wouldn’t want to show up ready to work only to find you don’t have anywhere to park. We know the importance of easy parking for our community members, so we make sure each of our locations has parking amenities that are easily accessible for members and visitors. Count on Kiln for a convenient coworking experience.

How can Kiln Biltmore support my company's growth and success?

Kiln Biltmore can propel your company’s growth and success through its flexible workspaces, customizable options, and dynamic community that facilitates networking and collaboration. The supportive environment, coupled with expert guidance and flexible lease terms, ensures your team’s comfort and productivity. Our adaptable spaces cater to your evolving needs and elevate your brand, making us an ideal partner for your company’s journey to success. With a prime location in Camelback, Kiln offers access to amenities, events, and workshops that foster personal and professional development.

What’s the best way to find shared office space for rent in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix?

Finding shared office space for rent in Biltmore is an exciting step toward enhancing your work environment and expanding your professional network. Here are some effective ways to discover the best shared office spaces in Biltmore:

  1. Online Coworking Directories and Platforms: Start by conducting a simple Google search using keywords like “coworking spaces in Biltmore” or “shared office space for rent in Biltmore.” This can lead you to the official websites of various coworking providers in the area, where you can gather information about their offerings. Utilize online platforms and directories like LoopNet, read reviews from other users, compare amenities, and book a space that suits your needs.
  2. Social Media and Networking: Look for coworking spaces on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Many coworking spaces actively promote their offerings on these platforms and provide insights into their community and facilities. You can also attend local business networking events, workshops, or meetups. These gatherings provide an opportunity to meet fellow professionals who might know of available shared office spaces or even co-locate with existing businesses looking to share their workspace.
  3. Tour Coworking Spaces: If possible, physically visit coworking spaces in Biltmore. This will give you a firsthand experience of the environment, amenities, and overall vibe. It’s also a chance to speak with staff and understand their offerings better.
  4. Local Real Estate Brokers: Reach out to local commercial real estate agents or brokers who specialize in office spaces. They often have access to a range of properties, including shared Biltmore office space for rent, and can help you find options that align with your requirements.

Remember to thoroughly evaluate each option based on your requirements, including location, amenities, cost, and community atmosphere, before making a decision.

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