Across Kiln’s community, you’ll find over 1000 companies boasting 4k members in a spread of industries.

Coworking spaces can also help keep you accountable, especially if you’re part of a widely distributed team. I’ve also found that meeting new people provides a big boost of serotonin which is highly conducive for productivity.

Nearly 20% of employers run a fully-remote business. That number is set to grow rapidly in the next five years. 

Although remote-first companies offer numerous benefits, they also come with their own set of drawbacks. One notable challenge arises when the boundaries between professionalism and personal comfort blur, such as when employees struggle with at-home distractions, loneliness, and more. Consequently, this blurred distinction between working hours and personal time is increasingly contributing to employee burnout.

That’s where coworking promises to revolutionize our approach to work–-benefiting both employers and employees alike.

We sat down with three Kiln members to get their take on coworking spaces and productivity. Whether you’re part of a small team or navigating work within a global enterprise, this guide will help determine if joining a coworking space is the right solution for you. In addition, let it serve as a compelling case to your employer who might be considering offering a benefit like coworking.


Within any individual Kiln community, you may find yourself surrounded by over 400 members representing 100’s of organizations. This kind of expansive network presents abundant opportunities for companies seeking partnerships as well as individuals looking for professional growth.

Mark Koh, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Spotify, made Kiln his workplace of choice in November of 2023. Despite the global music conglomerate boasting four U.S.-based offices, none are within driving distance.

“Spotify has a very young and vibrant culture and I was looking for a coworking space with a similar vibe. Spotify culture has something called a fika, a Swedish concept, where we meet for coffee and a snack break and learn about our coworkers. In just a few months I’ve had fikas with a bunch of other Kiln members, but at a lot of other coworking spaces something like that might feel like a clash.”


Your work environment is paramount to your success. Without an invigorating work environment, stagnation can set in, potentially leading to a decline in quality and productivity. Conversely, the right setting can be a catalyst for your next breakthrough. It’s this concept that drove co-founder, Leigh Radford, when designing Kiln. With a vision of a futuristic workplace, he brought to life workspaces that seamlessly blend hidden nooks with open areas; every square foot purposefully designed to inspire creativity and foster collaboration.

Dan Kim, Sr. AI Data Scientist at Ninety, joined Kiln after finding that his previous coworking arrangement was beginning to feel a little stale.

“At least half of my motivation for being here, if not more, stems from the workspace itself. When I’m buried in work and prefer solitude, I can easily find it. On days when I crave social interaction, the layout of Kiln gives me plenty of options.”


Navigating a home-office intrusion when your kids are sick is one challenge, but impressing potential start-up investors is another. How you present yourself, and consequently your company’s brand image, is crucial for growth. With over two dozen call rooms in every community, there’s always a private and productive corner available for hosting important business calls.

Heidi Metzler, Sr. Security Engineer at Summit Security Group, works on a small team of 12 but has found Kiln to be very accommodating to the seven or so meetings she leads every week. 

“If I’m at home, my cat likes to steal the show with his furry antics during client meetings. Working from home during the pandemic was isolating and it’s refreshing to connect with others again. Overall, I’d be far less content with my job if not for Kiln. It has also opened doors to professional growth; I hosted a talk titled ‘Please Don’t Hack My Mom,’ which allowed me to dive deeper into my line of work and share it with other members.” 


High-performing organizations create team cohesion that extends beyond departments. However, your colleagues won’t always have an answer and may lack the expertise to tackle a project or solve a complex problem.

Heidi highlights the occasions when she’s recognized the substantial need for tech assistance. “I can troubleshoot issues for other members and it’s typically pretty effortless for me. At the same time, I’ve found opportunities to learn from fellow engineers.”


It’s a no brainer, happy workers are more productive workers. Whether it’s at a group roundtable or individual taught class, new introductions have a way of fast-tracking one’s career. And while remote work has given us more autonomy and flexibility, human interaction and connection will always be indispensable in the workplace. 

“Ninety has a Slack channel where everyone champions the work-from-anywhere setting. Whether that’s at a beach, atop a van, or in a welcoming environment like Kiln. Fortunately my employer understands that freedom, choice, and flexibility creates a more dedicated workplace,” shares Dan.

Mark further emphasizes the importance of connection. “Coworking spaces can also help keep you accountable, especially if you’re part of a widely distributed team. I’ve also found that meeting new people provides a boost of serotonin which is highly conducive for productivity.”

Kiln Coworking: The Ultimate Workplace Benefit

Winning organizations will always place the well-being of their employees first. Amenities aimed at nurturing both mind and body, from weekly yoga sessions, meditation classes, or even a daily chair massage, all help promote an environment where every member feels supported and rejuvenated.

At Kiln, we’re making strides everyday to improve employee satisfaction. Our tailored approach is revolutionizing how employees view the workplace, elevating businesses into organizations that attract top-tier talent who want to grow personally and professionally.

Finally, are you vying to get your employer on board with all the amazing benefits of a coworking space?! Use this guide as a compelling case and reach out at to discuss the perfect solution for your team!