Creating cohesive company culture and rapport, even within a coworking space, should still be top of mind for leaders.

The benefits of coworking are too long to list. Many agile, growing teams choose Kiln because they can scale on their own terms, taking advantage of our flexible lease arrangements, all-inclusive amenities, and customizable private offices. 

For many companies, Kiln becomes the outward expression of their brand. Teams are proud to make Kiln their home base. Teams are also proud to invite potential clients, investors, and future hires for meetings at Kiln. Kiln has become a center of gravity for like-minded professionals and teams, who believe that where you work matters. 

Creating cohesive company culture and rapport, even within a coworking space, should still be top of mind for leaders. Each Kiln location has a community manager ready to support your vision for your company. Make sure to utilize the Kiln team to get the most out of your coworking membership. Here are four additional steps that teams can take to bolster their unique company culture within a shared workplace: 

  1. Customize your private workspace within a coworking setting.

At Kiln, teams can choose from a variety of membership options. As your team grows, Kiln grows with you. Companies of 1-15 typically select private offices, while larger teams opt for a studio space, which includes a meeting room. 

Kiln gives companies of all sizes, hybrid or not, the chance to develop a HQ feel. Our offices are semi-customizable and teams optimize layout, add branded decor, and personalize their desks, furniture, and wallspace. Regardless of the personal touches you chose to add, know that physical space plays a huge role in creating company culture and fostering communication. 

  1. Attend Kiln events, but also plan your own. 

Each Kiln location across Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and California plans weekly events. Ranging from yoga classes to lunchtime presentations to movie screenings, Kiln has its bases covered. Some of our favorite events include Aprés Work happy hours, Sunrise Scones, Watercolor Wine Wednesdays, and 3D printing workshops.

Strive to solidify company culture from the bottom-up.

But joining the Kiln community comes with another big perk: hosting your own events in Kiln’s spaces.

The Kiln community managers will work with you to plan your next business meetings, professional development event, conference, guest speaker series, happy hour, company holiday party, film screening, product demo, and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to hosting events at Kiln. 

In general, Kiln members can host events in our space free of charge. Occasionally, there will be small fees associated with events if they require additional staffing, are hosted after regular business hours, or require a cleaning team. You can use this form to request more information. 

  1. Solicit feedback from your team and incorporate suggestions. 

Strive to solidify company culture from the bottom-up. If you treat this task as an ongoing, collaborative effort, your whole team will be encouraged to speak up. Early-stage companies are getting creative when it comes to making this happen. 

Some teams distribute quarterly “team culture” surveys or open an anonymous feedback/suggestions form. Other teams designate a few representatives (from across teams or departments) to plan events and gather input. 

We encourage you to get creative when it comes to collaborative culture making. Regardless of how you choose to source ideas, make sure communication is your number one priority. 

  1. Get out of the office for a company retreat or off-site gathering.

Sometimes, a day-long retreat is just what your team needs to reconnect or realign. Check out the new Kiln Cabin, located just an hour from Salt Lake City, Utah at the Sundance Mountain Resort. 

The Kiln Cabin is only available to Kiln members, accepts bookings five days a week, and includes special rates to activities ranging from horseback riding to fly fishing to pottery workshops. Learn more about this brand new perk here.