Kiln is proud to be the home of employees that work at a few of the companies on this list.

Since 2017, LinkedIn editors and data scientists have come together to rank the world’s Top Startups. These businesses are ones that are not only just growing rapidly, but they are disrupting their industries and changing the way we live and work every single day. The people in charge of this list have looked at four pillars amongst the billions of actions taken by the 645 million people on LinkedIn. Do you have the urge to update your profile yet?

These pillars, employee growth; jobseeker interest; member engagement with the company and its employees; and how well these startups pulled talent from our flagship LinkedIn Top Companies list have come together here for the Top 50 Start Ups of 2019.

Kiln is proud to be the home of employees that work at a few of the companies on this list. Congratulations to Ripple, Faire and Daily Harvest!

United States List

Ripple (#28)

Ripple works to let customers send money across the world cheaply and securely via blockchain technology.

Faire (#31)

Faire is an online wholesale platform with a base of over 30,000 local retailers. In the past year alone, they have raised $100 Million, hired 130+ people and opened a new office in Kiln SLC.

Daily Harvest (#42)

Daily Harvest delivers ready-to-roll smoothies, oat bowls and more right to your door and their lovely customer success team spends their day to day in SLC.

Australia List

GO1 (#19)

GO1 knows that a degree isn’t always the answer when it comes to recruiting top talent to your company. They work like a Spotify for e-training courses, aggregating all the information in one convenient place to make sure the people that are working for you make continuing their education a priority.