The amount of opportunity here is not easily matched, but most importantly it will always be the place where Kiln started.

Why Utah? 

Anyone who has lived in or visited Utah knows that it’s someplace special. No matter what time of year, the sites and things to do are sure to delight anyone from ages 2 to 100. From the Tulips at Thanksgiving Point, to the Golden Spike up north, this states beauty and history has the Kiln team feeling incredibly grateful. 

With the one year of our first permanent site right around the corner, the Kiln team has spent the last couple of weeks reflecting on the past 12 months and getting excited about the road ahead. There are a lot of reasons why we choose to start Kiln in Utah. From beautiful National Parks, to a booming tech industry – multiple sources agree that this is still the place to set-up shop. 

Lately, Utah (Salt Lake City and Lehi specifically), have been getting national and global attention as being one of the best places to live, work and play. With dinertainment concepts like Punch Bowl Social opening, the Silicon Slopes thriving and the Utah state government aiming to make tech easier for everyone to access – Kiln is proud to have started here. 

Our Team

Even with all of these wonderful accolades, some folks have still asked why we chose Utah. The answer is a fun one. Long before Utah started experiencing this change, Kiln was growing roots in Utah, with co-founder and CEO Arian Lewis. Lewis was born and raised in Provo, Utah and is the only founder originally even from the states. With the rapid growth that Utah has been experiencing since the Olympics in the early 2000s and a home field advantage, it was an easy choice.

He is joined by Andrew Redpath, originally from Australia and Leigh Radford who hails from the UK. The three met and came together connecting on everything from Oxford Business School programs, to design, to cycling. Not to mention 20+ years of coworking experience combined! 

The combination of these three individuals led to the assembling of a team with expansive backgrounds. We have experience from Sundance Resort to SLUG Magazine aiding our efforts to create a beautiful, inclusive workspace that fosters the work of early stage companies in the valley every day. The best part? We are just getting started. 

Our Future 

We are so proud to call Utah our home. The amount of opportunity here is not easily matched, but most importantly it will always be the place where Kiln started. In the months and years to come, Kiln will have some incredibly exciting plans to share with you all. Be sure to stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this.