“…we’re lucky to have a place to build a local community and a local team. You can’t beat rubbing shoulders with other Kiln members.”

When Tyler Allgaier founded Pitted Labs in 2016, he was just a senior undergraduate at Utah Valley University. Anticipating he would spend his career in accounting, he got an early start working in the accounting department of a consumer-packaged-goods company nearby. A small company themselves, they were utilizing the Amazon consulting services of another, larger, agency. Tyler soon noticed that the lukewarm customer service the Amazon consultants provided wasn’t adding any value. He saw an unforgettable service opportunity in the world of e-commerce, and the rest is history. 

Now in their fifth year, Pitted Labs is the one-stop-shop for help when it comes to e-commerce retail and the Amazon marketplace. For brands of virtually any size, Pitted Labs provides a full-fledged team with experience that other Amazon agencies don’t have. As they’ve grown, they’ve kept their core competency as service providers and seen opportunities to grow their service offerings outside of retail commerce, including venture capital, warehousing, and software. Most notably, Pitted Labs believes that “when it comes to doing business in the digital landscape, you want to cast the widest possible net.” Whether you’re a startup or household name, Pitted Labs offers comprehensive account management, advertising, digital content, and a slew of other services to help businesses optimize the online marketplace. 

We’re thrilled that Tyler and his team have made Kiln Lehi their home. As they approach the end of their first year in the space, they’re looking towards expanding their own team. “As we grow,” Tyler says, “we’re looking forward to growing with Kiln. As Pitted Labs starts to hire, we’ve been using Kiln as a recruiting tool. It’s hard to beat our office space.” 

You might catch the Pitted Labs team at Waffle Wednesday, Apres Work Happy Hours, and other Kiln community events. Tyler says, “Kiln is just a really special place for startups. When there are already about a million things to worry about as a young company, we’re lucky to have a place to build a local community and a local team. You can’t beat rubbing shoulders with other Kiln members.” 

We look forward to greeting the growing Pitted Labs team at Kiln for many years to come!