Organic storytelling has a huge role to play in building the bond and emotional connection between a brand and its consumer or audience.

Prioritize work that resonates with your passion. While we can’t all be so lucky to find work we love, identifying your unique zone of genius is key.

1. Can you share more about your background and what led you to joining Momentous?

I’ve lived a significant part of my life as a professional triathlete after starting my career as a journalist in the UK. My introduction to triathlon actually came through journalism—an assignment to write about it when the sport was relatively new. From my very first race, I rediscovered the passion I had that brought out the competitive athlete in me and I learned how much I valued the sense of camaraderie and community it offered. Initially, I had no intention of going pro. I began training in Oxford, fully immersing myself in the team environment, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. I already had a strong aerobic engine–developed as a kid during my swimming days, which helped me get up to speed fast. 

Within three seasons, I earned my pro card as a triathlete and made the decision to resign from journalism. Despite initial skepticism from my editor-in-chief (“What are you doing? I’ll keep your job open for you”), I raced professionally for a decade, placing in the top ten at the 70.3 World Championships and competing all over the globe before finally settling in Boulder and then retiring in 2018.

Currently, my focus lies on wellness and being my best, most creative self at work. It’s about showing up as the best version of me for the people I care about, channeling that dedication into my work, and supporting my team and peers.

2. What do you believe sets Momentous apart as a product and as an organization? 

Momentous is in a category of its own and is passionate about redefining the supplement industry. When a Momentous product claims 20 grams of protein, it’s precisely what you get—but that definitely isn’t the case for all supplement companies out there. Our team conducts rigorous independent testing, emphasizing premium, high-quality ingredients, which is vital in the sports nutrition industry and for the professional athletes we work with. We have strong partnerships with experts like Dr. Andrew Huberman and Dr. Stacy Sims, which have made an impact on our innovations as well. Transparency and integrity are at the core of every product. 

3. As the Content Director at Momentous, how do you find trends and capture new ideas? 

My approach to content is less about discovering market trends and more about generating new ideas that leverage the numerous storytelling opportunities we have as a brand and company. Organic storytelling has a huge role to play in building that bond and emotional connection between a brand and its potential consumers/audience. One of the things that first appealed to me about this role is the fact that Momentous is rich in content and storytelling opportunities. For example, we have 10 research contracts with the U.S. Government, we work with 90% of the teams in the NFL, and we have some incredible people on our team who have amazing stories to tell, so my primary goal for our content revolves around building the content engine and, in tandem with that, helping to build out the brand. 

4. What recommendations could you share to Kiln members looking for an upper edge?

Prioritize work that resonates with your passion. While we can’t all be so lucky to find work we love–identifying your unique zone of genius is key. With two decades of experience, I’ve honed in on mine, but it’s a process someone new to their career might still be navigating and is worth defining. It’s also vital to surround yourself with the right people who complement your strengths and passions. 

5. What is one ask and offer for the Kiln community? 

Offer: I’m always seeking different ways to volunteer and give back. Recently, I’ve begun volunteering with Out Boulder, a LGBTQ community group, and I’m always open to getting outdoors to connect, whether that’s leading the Wednesday group run at Kiln or a hike.

Ask: My request is welcoming genuine connections. A warm smile, small niceties while waiting in line to get coffee—they all go a long way. In today’s world it’s so easy to be wrapped up in your own mind, stressing about the tasks you have to take care of that morning, but these small gestures contribute significantly to someone’s day. 

6. Why do you love Kiln? 

I love Kiln because it brings together like-minded but diverse individuals–-it’s a really cool space for creating, working, and has a unique vibe. The building’s layout allows me to find a tucked away spot when brainstorming but also has an open environment to encourage meeting new people. The location is also perfect, right on Pearl Street. Plus, the additional perks: treadmill desk and chocolate almonds!